“Justice Without Frontiers” gathers the Acting Registrar of the Special Tribunal with Lebanese NGOs
Justice Without Frontiers in cooperation with the Special Tribunal of Lebanon held a round table with theActing Registrar of the Tribunal Mr.Daryl Mundisand the participation of representatives from 23 Lebanese NGOs and several jurists today afternoon 14th of May 2013 at Habtour Hotel – Sin el-Fil.
Me. Brigitte Chelebian, Director of Justice without Frontiers opened the meeting welcoming the Acting Registrar of the Tribunal Mr. Daryl Mundis. She assured that: “Justice must be global for all and not selective”, as she pointed on studying the terms of cooperation between the Tribunal and the associations and human rights organizations in Lebanon.
Acting RegistrarMundis spoke about the latest achievements for the Special Tribunal of Lebanon, as he assured that: “We are doing what we can to move quickly for the benefit of Lebanese people and the victims”, as he stressed on the “Legal difference between the UN Commission and tribunal”. 
The meeting highlighted several discussions and interventions from the participants when they asked questions and explanations about the relatedto the witnesses, International criminal law and credibility of the tribunal to access to justice. In addition to that, the participants questioned about the continuity of the Tribunal and the fundraising and donations for it.
On the same context, Acting Registrar Mundis answered the fears of the participants regarding the witnesses and the assumed leak for the names explaining that: “We don’t know if the information was leaked and we need to be careful because the prosecution list is confidential and it’s a sensitive topic” adding that: “the credibility of the tribunal and the legitimacy of the contribution comes once the process is revealed as transparent and open. The process has to build confidence with the Lebanese people”.
Moreover, Acting RegistrarMundis stressed that: “the tribunal can only try individuals and has no jurisdiction to try political organizations”, explaining that the tribunal exists for the people of Lebanon and dealing with the tough issue in international Justice.
On the other hand, Acting Registrar Mundis  highlighted on the civil society’s and the NGOs role in lobbying , educating the civil society’s opinion, pointing on the society’s problems  through the advocacy work and generating debate among the Lebanese society.