Awareness session on Personal status law At St. Elie- Anthelias
In the framework of raising awareness and training women to know about their Personal Status Law as a part of "Women's Access to Justice" Project (WAJ), Justice Without Frontiers held a series of awareness raising sessions on Catholic Personal Status Law.
Ms. Tania Toutounji, Project Officer for WAJ project presented a definition about JWF and its work on spreading the culture of human rights and providing legal support for women and children in particular what is related to personal status laws in “Women access to justice". She indicated that the aims of the project to support vulnerable women, who are victims of exploitation or women in need of legal assistance in the Ecclesiastic Courts.
 In the same context, the paralegal Ms. Marie Feghali provided a detailed explanation of the most prominent laws related to issues of marriage, divorce, custody, alimony and other details. The meetings included series of discussions and interventions by women whom they shared their opinions.
Women attending the awareness session expressed their interest and how they can benefit from that information and they expressed their desire to mainstream the knowledge to their friends.