International Justice
Awareness raising sessions
JWF is organizing a series of awareness sessions about the Catholic Personal Status Law for women as a part from "Women access to justice" project to raise awareness and defy legal illiteracy in PSL. JWF is targeting to reach 1500 women
JWF arranged awareness raising session for youth from the Lebanese forces to merge the community leaders in Women access to justice project
NDU Students' Awareness session
JWF held several awareness sessions for NDU students concerning Women Access to Justice and Personal catholic Status law
"Justice Without Frontiers" and "Progressive Youth Organization” discuss “Women Rights in the content of international conventions and the society's view of women”
Round table with lawyers
JWF held a round table session with lawyers where they got introduced to "Women Access to Justice" Project and shared their ideas regarding the implementation and ways for cooperation
Meeting Judge Baragwaneth
“Justice Without Frontiers” gathers the President of the Special Tribunal with Lebanese NGOs
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