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NGO Fairs
 Annually some Lebanese universities organize NGO fairs in order to introduce students to social work and educate them on how important the work of the NGOs is in improving our society.
Justice Without Frontiers (JWF) participated in four university NGO Fairs AUB, USJ, University of Saint Louize in Zouk Mousbeh and finally Sagesse university.
The Minister of social affairs, Pierre Bou Assi attended the NGO fairs and focused on the importance of their role in the society, and focused as well on networking between all concerned sides is vital for greater achievements.
Students were very interested in JWF’s services and were surprised that there’s an NGO that helps women legally in Lebanon and supports them to reach justice. Having OXFAM as a partner helped a lot with the program and co-operating with them is fundamental for our work and mission to achieve justice.
The light was shed on the importance of women reaching justice in an interview with Karin Hayek, a journalist in “L’orient le jour” where she was introduced to the work of JWF through talks with the field officer, Miss Maria Khoury.   

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Women's March 2017
“Many causes, one struggle” this is the slogan that more than 2000 women marched under, on 11th of March 2017 from Sessine square to Kaskas garden celebrating International Women’s day where many, young students and feminist NGOs united to demand their rights.
Justice without Frontiers NGO that strives for women to reach justice participated in organizing the march. The media officer, Mirella Boukhalil covered the event and was part of the media team preparing for the march. JWF had volunteers that helped in the event. They were all wearing a white shirt with the slogan of the NGO “Together for women to reach justice”. Our throats didn’t disappoint with demanding our rights, the harsh wreathing conditions also didn’t stop us.
 The rain didn’t stop women from being on the streets and pitching in with asking for their rights. Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian women as well as foreign workers, refugees and many others marched side to side to raise their voices against all injustice. 
The marchers raised their voices against gender inequality, the unfairness of custody system, sexual harassment and early marriage and against all kinds of unfairness women face. Marchers also demanded justice for a woman named Rayan who was beat to death by her husband a day before the march.
This march was made to prove that women exist and dismissing their rights is unacceptable. It was also set up to show intolerance against the struggle women face domestically, professionally and politically.
“There’s strength in solidarity” this is what the march proved as many organizations and NGOs worked together to set up this march, to raise their voices together to reach a society with equality so that we won’t need a day for women, as everyday will become women’s day.     
16 days of activism 2016
On the 4th of December 2016, JWf team and volunteers went to Jbeil, where the Christmas decoration is present and a large number of people available. They were disguised as beaten women holding facts about violence against women, which shocked the people passing and being disguised like this triggering them to stop and take a moment in order to read the facts and know more about JWF. Some women were with their husbands and weren’t able to approach or take the info graph so they were taking picture of the team standing focusing on the hotline available under one of the facts.
Facts used during the campaign:
·       One in three women worldwide has experienced physical or sexual violence not only in Lebanon, mostly by an intimate partner.
·       In 2012, 1 in 2 women killed worldwide were killed by their partners or family.
·         32 Countries exempt rape perpetrators from prosecution when they marry the victim; Lebanon is one of these countries. (Mentioning that the campaign was done before theadministration and justice committee agreed to repeal article 522 of the penal code and that on December 7, 2016)
·       You are not the only one abused, for any legal consultation call Justice without Frontiers 70800820

 Others wanted to volunteer with us and support JWF’s goal in any way possible. The goal was to show the people that being beaten is not a thing to laugh about or consider it as a Halloween costume because in reality women are being beaten and it’s not something to laugh about. Shocking them with the facts helped shod the light on this issue and raising awareness about it. 
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