Graffiti at Nabaa entitled “Together for Women’s Access to Justice”
Justice Without Frontiers organized in cooperation with “I Leaf Art”, an interactive event on field entitled “Together for women’s access to justice”.

The event was part of an advocacy campaign for “Women’s Access to Justice” project that is implemented by JWF in partnership with Oxfam - GB and funded by SIDA – Sweden. It included a live drawing of a graffiti realized by an artist specialized in murals paint, from the working group of “I Leaf Art”.  He embodied a mural on one of the walls in Nabaa region that reflected women’s rights to access to justice plus ensuring their family protection and stability.

This project aims to legal literacy among women and provide advice and free legal services to women victims of violence, and those who are in conflict with the law, in addition to sensitize the community about its role in securing the human rights for women.

Therefore, “Justice Without Frontiers” and “I Leaf Art” team along with those who attended the event, jointly participated in expressing their vision and the meaning of women's rights, plus the importance of accessing to justice, through writing slogans. As for the children they have also expressed through vivid and colorful paintings that showed the intensity of their emotion and the need in providing some of their rights. A child’s painting draws our attention in what’s written in it: “I want to go to school”.

There was also a free space of expression where women have chosen slogans emanating from the heart as: “Men have one fear but for us women we have millions”, “Women are not minors, they are stronger than men when necessary”, “Enough of violence and exploitation”, “I hope my children will live in safety, despite that their father does not ask about them”, “We want equal opportunities with men”, as well as other slogans encouraging women on claiming their rights.

Public figures participated in the event along with an active contribution by men whom learned about women's empowerment project to access to justice and their role in securing this right.
It should be noted that Justice Without Frontiers undertook some of the files related to women who are victims of violence or are in conflict with the law and specialized courts.