International Justice
'Justice Without Frontiers' gathers the President of the Special Tribunal with Lebanese NGOs

Justice Without Frontiers in cooperation with the Special Tribunal of Lebanon organized a round table with the President of the Special Tribunal Judge Sir David Baragwaneth and the participation of representatives from 26 Lebanese NGOs and several jurists yesterday afternoon 4th of April 2012, at the Arab African International Bank Building, Down Town Beirut. 

Judge Baragwaneth spoke about the latest achievements for the Special Tribunal of Lebanon, as he explained the tasks for the judges and their communication as a team to defend and prove presence to assist the prosecutors’ tasks. As he assured on the credibility of the tribunal saying that: “The judge must avoid offering any conclusions as he has to bring balance between the prosecution and the defense”. 

Judge Baragwaneth continued that: “The human life is precious and everyone is entitled for the freedom of speech, vote and expression as a right”.

The meeting highlighted several discussions and interventions related to false witnesses, the destiny of the accused person and the leaks about presenting new witnesses. In addition to that, he listened to the demands from the parents of the kidnapped and lost persons who asked about the definition about Justice according to the Tribunal and whether it can look for their issue.

Judge Baragwaneth assured on the need for credibility to bring justice explaining that: “Justice delay is justice denial and as longer it takes to reach justice we lose credibility, but we can’t jump to conclusions without accurate evidences”. 

However, “The Special Tribunal is deeply concerned to avoid any leak and it doesn’t work in vacuum”, as he mentioned.

On the other hand, Judge Baragwaneth assured that we shouldn’t label groups as responsible for what happens explaining that: “The evidences show individuals whatever their political views or religions, they must be judged as persons without linking them to political parties or groups”.

by Safaa' El-Ali

Reported by T. Abi Mansour