International Justice
JWF urges for an immediate release of ICC staff members from Libya - arabic text
The Libyan authorities have detained the Australian Lawyer Melinda Taylor,the defendant for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in front of the International Criminal Court (ICC) along with her interpreter Helen Assaf and two senior Registry representatives in Libya since Thursday 7 June 2012. Me. Taylor has been accused of trying to pass on coded documents to Saif al-Islam -charges which could amount to espionage or violations of Libya’s national security.
The Libyan authorities assumed that Taylor was carrying a pen equipped with a camera and a message from Mohammed Ismail, the right arm of Saif al-Islam and he is one of the people wanted from the Libyan judiciary. And they pointed out that her Lebanese interpreter Assaf was considered her partner.
The Libyan General defense announced that the delegation shall remain in prolonged detention for 45 days. The ICC staff gathers the Australian Lawyer Melinda Taylor 36-year old who has been working at the ICC since 2006 as counsel in the office that represents ICC inductees' interests before the appointment of a formal defense counsel.
The ICC named the three other staff members as the Lebanese Helene Assaf, an ICC translator and interpreter since 2005; Esteban Peralta Losilla, the chief of the Counsel Support Section at the ICC; and Alexander Khodakov, a Russian career diplomat who is the external relations and cooperation senior adviser at the registry of the ICC.
"Justice Without Frontiers" addresses the Libyan authorities for an "immediate release of detainees from the court staff ", especially since they are protected by international law’s privileges and immunities granted to staff of international organizations in the fulfillment of their official duties.
This mission was to ensure that Saif Al-Islam could exercise his rights as a defendant in the case against him. The judges had ordered the Libyan authorities to facilitate privileged meeting between Saif and his appointed lawyer. They also ordered the Registry to discuss with him the possibility of appointing another counsel of his choice. Rights of the defense are crucial for any meaningful and fair procedure.
The mission was agreed on and facilitated by the Libyan authorities. And Libya has an obligation to full cooperate with and provide any necessary assistance to the ICC, under resolution 1970 of the Rome Statute.
But some of the media reports show that the Libyan authorities are seeking to pressure on Taylor to disclose highly confidential information and non-interference in the proper course of justice. The current administration of Libya is challenging the International Community and its commitment to upholding International Law and neutrality.
 Moreover, “Justice without Frontiers” requests the Lebanese Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs for immediate intervention and follow for the case on a larger scale to ensure Helen Assaf’s freedom, who has been subjected to enforced arrest during her implementation for the tasks entrusted to her by the International Criminal Court. Also, it is well known that the ICC is the world's first permanent international court to prosecute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. And it is characterized by its credibility and its seek to end impunity and providing justice for all victims of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.